COVID-19 Safety and Sterilization

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we follow stringent hygiene protocols for the safety of our patients and our staff as per guidelines issued by relevant regulatory bodies.


At Entry:

In the Operatory:

In-between Appointments:


The mouth is a permanent source of microorganisms that could be transferred and cause infection in other persons through blood, saliva, or tissue debris. The importance of sterilization is infection control.

The process of sterilization eliminates any infectious pathogens such as bacteria on dental instruments making them safe to use on other patients. Saliva and blood can carry pathogens that can be transferred to other patients if they are not killed. Simply disinfecting these instruments is not sufficient.

The current climate in society regarding infectious diseases in general, and herpes, hepatitis, and HIV infections, in particular, dictates that today’s dental practices must use effective infection control techniques.

Any dental procedure requires the dentists to follow strict sterilization procedures to:

What is C-DOS Certification?

The Committee for Dental Office Standards (C-DOS), under the aegis of the Indian Dental Association Mumbai, certifies those oral health professionals who follow standard universal measures at their practices in keeping with the guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta and other organizations.

As a patient and consumer, you are entitled to know the precautions and provisions of the following safety standards when you visit a dental practice. Your C-DOS certified dentist mandatorily ensures your protection against Hepatitis and AIDS amongst other diseases.

The C-DOS protocol must include:

Apart from the above, the C-DOS certified clinic has to and maintains retrievable patient records, dental education literature, a clean and septic environment.

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