Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete and Partial Dentures

Worries about missing teeth do not operate only from a space of self-consciousness. There is much more to it. Teeth play a significant role in giving a structure to our faces. Therefore, missing multiple teeth often hampers the facial frame by causing muscles to sag.

Moreover, it leads to air passing out from the gaps, and as a result, there is difficulty in pronouncing specific words. There also arises trouble in chewing hard fruits, nuts, and tough bread which are highly nutritious, and this ultimately hampers the overall health.

The advent of dentures for teeth has proved to be an effective solution. Dentures are prosthetics, made of resin to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. Based on your requirement, dentures are customized. They are of types: Partial and Complete.


Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are used when more than one tooth is missing. They are considered to be an ideal solution when the natural teeth in the surrounding are too weak to support structures like dental bridges.

The partial dentures are fixed on the gum line and the prosthetic tooth is attached to the nearby natural teeth to ensure that it doesn’t fall out. However, the fastening is not permanent which implies that the dentures can be easily removed when required.

Complete Dentures


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, one of the most popular alternatives to dentures is dental implants. But not everyone can get that. It is recommended to have a word with your dentist to find out what is suitable for you; implants or dentures.

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