Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment

Fixed or hybrid restoration

When a person neglects to floss or brush their teeth well, it results in plaque build-up, which traps bacteria, and causes periodontal or gum disease. Some other causes of gum disease include tobacco or alcohol abuse, systemic diseases, genetics, use of certain prescription drugs, and stress.

Gum treatment refers to a set of periodontal procedures, aimed at cleaning or correcting the ‘pockets’ around the teeth to circumvent any further damage to the dental structure and the bones. Different treatments are catered to different stages and types of gum-related infections and diseases.

gum disease

How To Determine if Gum Treatment Is Needed?

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two major stages of gum disease. The former is a mild form of gum disease which is caused by plaque build-up along the gum line, causing gum inflammation. The gums may appear red, tender, and swollen and may bleed when brushing or flossing.

If left untreated, gingivitis progresses into periodontitis, which is a severe progression of gum disease. Bacteria can penetrate into the deeper pockets of tissue in this stage, damaging the supporting bones that hold the teeth in place. In this case, Immediate gum treatment is necessary to prevent irreversible damage and tooth loss.

Some other symptoms include persistent bad breath, receding gums, a bad taste in your mouth, loose teeth, and gum abscesses. The best way to avoid any compromise to your beaming smile is to practice good oral hygiene and visit a dentist regularly, to catch gum disease in its early stages.

Gum Disease Treatment in Mumbai

Depending on the type and severity of gum disease, the gum treatment methods can be classified under two broad categories: non-surgical and surgical.

1. Infant oral health exams, including assessment of dental caries in mother and child.

Scaling and Root Planing: A minor procedure, recommended for the early stages of gum disease, in which plaque and tartar are carefully removed from the affected gums by a dental hygienist, and the tooth root is smoothened, to remove bacterial toxins.

Laser Gum Treatment: A non-invasive procedure, laser dentistry treats the affected gum pocket with an intense, narrow light beam with a wavelength suited for soft-tissue procedures. This method of gum treatment removes minimal diseased tissue and decontaminates gum pockets to reduce bacteria and preserve healthy tissue.

2.  Surgical Gum Treatments

Gum surgery is required for progressed gum disease stages. Types include:

Flap Surgery or Pocket Depth Reduction: In this procedure, a periodontist will fold back the affected gum tissue to remove bacteria, tartar, and plaque underneath it. The gum tissue will then be secured back in place, and any irregular surfaces will be smoothened to ensure easy reattachment to the healthy bone.

Gum Grafts: In this method of gum surgery tissue from another part of the mouth, (usually the palate) is used to cover the exposed root, to restore the gum line. It prevents further gum recession and bone loss and restores a youthful smile.

Crown Lengthening: The gum line is reshaped by adjusting the bone and gums to make dental restoration possible.

Ridge Augmentation: A simple procedure to regenerate the jaw bone and tissue, and re-establish the natural gum line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case any of the symptoms of gum disease are observed, in between regular dental checkups, it is recommended to consult a dentist and not try any natural remedies for gum treatment as this may worsen the condition.

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