Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Like all physical ailments, dental issues are a major concern and can be excruciating at times. Over time, treatments for oral issues have evolved. At present, almost all kinds of ailments affecting the teeth and surrounding tissues can be cured, or at least the conditions can be alleviated.

As a result of advancements in technology, progressive techniques like laser dentistry are proving to be innovative and effective solutions to a wide spectrum of dental issues.


What Is Laser Dentistry?


Laser dentistry has evolved as a comfortable and cost-effective alternative to dental treatments using non-laser tools. LASER is the abbreviation of ‘light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.

It uses a focused, narrow beam of light that reacts with the tissue and causes it to be removed or reshaped. Laser dentistry allows effective solutions for many dental problems, including cavities, gum disorders, hypersensitivity and can even be used in teeth appearance-enhancing procedures.

Laser Dentistry Procedures


Laser dentistry is primarily for two procedures: Hard tissue procedures and soft tissue procedures. While the former refers to the treatment of the teeth, the latter deals with the gums.

1. Hard Tissue Procedures

Some of the common procedures conducted here are cavity detection and treatment, teeth preparations, dental fillings, and treatment of hypersensitivity. Laser is used to seal the tubules at the teeth’ root which causes enhanced sensitivity to heat or cold.

While treating cavities with a laser, local anesthesia and drills are not required since the narrow ray of light energy kills the bacteria and ensures good health of the teeth. The laser used for hard-tissue procedures emits light whose wavelength gets absorbed by water and a mineral found on the surface of the teeth. This enables it to cut through the teeth’ surface.

2. Soft Tissue Procedures

Soft tissue procedures are used to treat conditions where gum causes the problem. Some of the most common operations include treatment of a gummy smile, treatment of tongue frenulum attachment, and crown lightening.

Water and hemoglobin easily absorb soft tissue lasers. While penetrating the tissues, they seal blood vessels and nerve endings. This facilitates painless treatment and quicker healing. Soft tissue lasers are also used to kill bacteria and active tissues for re-growth.

Laser dentistry has a wide scope and is used to treat several other conditions. Some of them are regenerating damaged nerves, relieving pain caused due to canker sores, removing benign oral tumors performing biopsies, and exposing hidden wisdom teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser dentistry offers benefits such as minimal invasiveness, decreased pain, targeted treatment, minimized bleeding and swelling, reduced risk of infection, and faster healing.

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