Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

full mouth rehabilitation treatment is a custom-tailored procedure in which the latest cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques are utilized by prosthodontists to restore previously damaged tooth structures and rejuvenate oral health. Full mouth rehabilitation treatments aim to achieve results that look natural.

A comprehensive full mouth restoration treatment plan is recommended for those whose oral cavity has sustained significant damage due to dental trauma, oral disease, or both, in addition to cosmetic imperfections.


Why Should You Opt for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Over the years dental problems may begin to accumulate and affect the overall health and function of the teeth or the aesthetics of the smile may be impacted severely. Patients with declining dental health may feel a lack of confidence and well-being.

A full mouth rehabilitation addresses common dental concerns such as chipped or cracked teeth, misaligned teeth, missing teeth, stains or discoloration, severe tooth decay, and other traumatic dental injuries.

The best full mouth rehabilitations in Mumbai combine the benefits of neuromuscular dentistry with those of cosmetic dentistry, to rejuvenate your pearly whites and recreate a beautiful, natural and radiant smile.

At Designer Smiles, our prosthodontists have expansive knowledge and first-hand experience with advanced dental rehabilitation techniques, that enable them to successfully address complex dental issues and achieve superior results.

What to Expect During a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • A full mouth rehabilitation begins with a consultation and assessment, during which your prosthodontist will conduct a comprehensive examination and diagnostic imaging as required to detect all dental health concerns.
  • The first treatment objective of full mouth rehabilitation is to establish good periodontal and dental health, by addressing any disease, decay, and damage that may be affecting the gums, teeth, or bone tissue. This ensures a successful outcome for the procedures performed in the later stages of the treatment plan.
  • Once the dental or gum disease is eliminated, reconstructive and restorative dental work begins. These procedures may include porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, dental implants, or implant-supported dentures.
  • Once the final restorations are complete, your prosthodontist will check the final fit and appearance, and make any last-minute adjustments as required. The top priorities include health, comfort, overall satisfaction, and appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The overall cost for full mouth rehabilitation in Mumbai depends on the specific details of a patient’s custom treatment plan, which is crafted according to dental needs, aesthetic goals, and budget.

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